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What Is Roufus Martial Arts?

Academie Roufus Martial Arts is internationally acknowledged to be one of the finest, most personalized health and fitness training programs in the world for men, women, children and families. Academie Roufus Martial Arts has improved the quality of life for generations of people. We use martial arts training as a tool to teach self discipline, courage and winning attitudes. We teach people how to set goals for themselves in order to achieve their dreams. Whether their goal is to be a better student or to improve their productivity in the workplace. We're with you every step of the way.

Benefits of the Roufus Program

Unlike many sports or exercise programs, Academie Roufus Martial Arts is for virtually everyone. Men, women, teens and children ages 4 and up are capable of learning and benefitting from Roufus Martial Arts training. Classes are scaled to individual needs, with ample personal instruction and encouragement. No student is over-exerted or under-challenged. Roufus Martial Arts training is all about you.

Academie Roufus Martial Arts is for everyone. It's energizing, explosive, powerful, uplifting... That's how students from all walks of life from Hollywood stars to housewives, policemen, athletes, professionals and thousands of other people just like you describe our program. There is no better feeling than knowing you're in shape and can defend yourself if you have to. With Roufus Martial Arts the path to improvement leads to a journey of self-mastery.

Who Is Patrick Roufus?

Patrick Roufus' lifelong purpose for being is to share with his students the fantastic positive feelings of self improvement, success, achievement, happiness and abundance engendered in his masterful and professional martial arts instruction and inspirational success coaching.

Over the years, by putting the student first the Roufus name has been blessed with recognition in all of the world's leading martial arts magazines, USA Today, Milwaukee Magazine, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Business Journal and other national and local periodicals as wells as national and local television on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA, ESPN and more! Additionally, the Roufus name has been headlined on the marquees of prestigious sports arenas, legendary world championships, legions of valued student testimonials and more heartfelt alumni success stories than anyone can count. Now Patrick Roufus invites you, his next valued student to visit him and see for yourself what he has to offer. Patrick Roufus has nothing but your best interests at heart and he guarantees that your experience with him will be enlightening, encouraging, inspiring, motivating and elevating!

Try Roufus Martial Arts Free!

"If you want to grow and improve your life at an accelerated pace, I know you'll love Roufus Martial Arts. There's no risk to check it out, and I know you'll be glad you did."
Sincerely, Patrick Roufus

World's #1 Martial Arts Life Success Coach