Corey Bost

Dear Mr. Roufus,

As you may or may not know, an era of my life is coming to a close. A few days from now, I'll finally be graduating from high school and about to set off for college. With all this change happening, it made me think about all the people that helped me get to where I am. You helped me for years and taught me the most important things in life, including self-discipline.

Life has been impacted by you so much, more than you know and even more than I know how to say. All those years you had to yell and scream at me to get me going paid off. While school threw all sorts of assignments at me, I did them all. You taught me that everyday in life, you have to do things you hate. Since I learned this early, I managed to finish every last paper. It is all because of you. Every time that you pushed me on in karate lessons, I learned something new. When I wanted to quit, which when I was younger happened to be ninety percent of the time, you were there to kick me and force me to get moving again. I think about not doing assignments from time to time, but remembering you and everything else motivated me to do it anyway.

All this self-discipline isn't just emotional discipline either; you helped my physical notivation as well. If you didn't already know, I did run cross country for four years. You do know that I have asthma, and that always tended to impede my physical activities. However, whenever I even begin to think I can't do it, I just think back to my times with you. When I remember those hour and a half I can't do it, I just think back to my times with you. When I remember those hour and a half Saturday tortures, I tell myself: Wait, if I can do that, then certainly I can make it through a five kilometer run. You taught me to have physical self-discipline up to the point where I can run those five kilometers in under twenty minutes.

Looking back at my high school career has made me think. I don't think I could be where I am today without your valuable teachings. Don't think I'm trying to hype up your help, I honestly don't think I would have graduated without you. If I kept the same mentality I had when I was eight through to now when I'm eighteen, I shudder at the thoughts. Let's just say I wouldn't be in any extra curricular activities and I wouldn't be graduating in four years. I also seriously doubt that I would have taken calculus or AP Chemistry. What you taught me as a child will travel with me throughout my entire life; for this, I thank you. I give you my most sincere thanks because you showed me the right path to take, and then gave me the motivation to take it.


Corey Bost

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