Ryan Baeten

Good Afternoon,

My name is Ryan Baeten, and I was a former student of Mr. Roufus from 1993-1996. First, I want to take the time and thank Mr. Roufus and his program for all it has given me. Although I am no longer in any martial arts program currently, his values and teaching will be with me forever. I give a majority of the credit to Mr. Roufus because of the determination, persistence, and always room for improvement attitude he instilled in me. I am a more driven and goal oriented individual because of what he has taught me, and my successes are a direct result of that.

Lastly, I am no longer living in the Milwaukee area, but am currently attending Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois as a Freshman Undergraduate. My absence from martial arts for quite some time has made me realize that I would like to have it back in my life. If at all possible, I was wondering if the organization or Mr. Roufus personally knows of any martial arts references in the Illinois area. As I said previously I am looking to get back into a program, and I know Mr. Roufus is well known in the martial arts community. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could reply back. Thank you for your time.

-Ryan Baeten

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